"The World is our Workplace"

A&C Worldwide, Inc. offers a complete range of sophisticated global investigative, security and intelligence services for whatever requirement might arise. Worldwide has developed a professional network of distinguished former federal, state, local and international investigative, security and intelligence agents who have worked for such US Government Organizations as the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the Internal Revenue Service, the US Customs Service, the Secret Service, the Central Intelligence Agency, and specialized units of the Departments of Defense and State, as well as, similar domestic and international complimentary agencies.

In today's age of information, the more you know, the higher the likelihood of success. This is particularly true in Corporate America and the broad legal arena. Whether you need to know everything about a prospective merger candidate, a simple background check on key employees or potential business partners, a risk assessment security plan, or you need to locate and recover funds and assets, with A&C Worldwide, you will have a team of highly trained and experienced agents who will develop what you need from every imaginable source.

Some of these significant sources rely heavily on access to the unbelievably expansive amount of information that the government agencies gather. Through A&C Worldwide's invaluable avenue of access, data and information is available that is not readily obtainable to most of the US.

A&C Worldwide will develop a specific plan that will provide you with what you require to make the best strategic decision possible. An investigative, intelligence or security plan is individually designed to meet your specific wants and needs. Our plans are normally designed in phases with cost estimates provided per phase. This method allows the flexibility to easily change or modify your plan based on the progress or budgetary considerations. As often happens, the effort might provide the desired outcome in the first phase, thus eliminating all or parts of the follow-up phases.

With A&C Worldwide, Inc. you get the maximum results at a competitive cost advantage over most major Investigative, Intelligence, and Security Agencies. As part of your team, we will work to assist you in achieving the desired end result.