"The World is our Workplace"

George A. Auflick
Chairman & Founder

Highly-qualified executive and worldwide international specialist with extensive experience throughout Latin America and the Caribbean; comprehensive knowledge about their governments, cultures and U.S. embassies; a long-term, in-depth and influential professional network; and well-developed expertise in global investigations, security risk assessment operations and intelligence programs. Results-oriented senior manager who is extremely skilled within U.S. interagency structures and processes, including the Departments of State, Justice, Defense, Treasury and Transportation as well as the entire U.S. Intelligence Community.

Highly innovative and effective investigative, intelligence and security professional. Skilled trainer, training developer and instructor for international and U.S. law enforcement personnel as well as specialized military units.

Held Top Secret with SCI Security Clearance.

Relevant Experience

Manage and oversee a wide range of professional investigative, intelligence and security services worldwide

Supervise and conduct complex investigations worldwide ranging from simple due diligence inquires through the most complex financial and fraud investigations

»Recruit, develop, maintain and manage a sophisticated network of talented and experienced professionals throughout the world to provide the specific required expertise when and where needed.


English, Spanish, Portuguese